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On sunny days, we may think nothing of our walls or painting.  But it's all the weather - rain and sun - that wear down on our coatings.  Proper sealing protects substrates from water damage - and saves the headache of repairing wood rot later.  

At Three Peaks Painting, we want to make sure that the necessary prep work is done prior to paint.  Restorative work to get the substrate ready to paint is a big part of what we do to ensure a lasting finish.  Worried about your home?  We offer free home inspections and estimates.  Give a call and we'll come to you!

Our coatings are what protect our walls.

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Painting is about protection, but it is also about color, contrast, and the look and feel of your home.  What is the "look" you are going for?  We work with owners or property managers to get the desired result.  We do test runs too!  Sometimes that is what helps you decide.  

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